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New Year, New Partnerships!

The Inner Ear Foundation INC celebrates the new year with a new partnership with East St Louis District 189.

The Inner Ear Foundation and East St Louis District 189 have entered a partnership that will expand strings education and provide up to 75 youth within the district access to music theory and instruction; primarily strings.

This agreement brings together performing arts and afterschool programming. TIE Foundation is a non profit organization committed to music and arts education. This is done through our youth orchestra, educational programming and outreach.

"District 189 has made an investment in music education that is refreshing and inspiring to be a part of. Youth in east St. louis deserve these types of resources and opportunities." Rosalind Rogers, Founder and Executive Director of the Inner Ear Foundation Inc.

In addition to use of its facilities, District 189 has arranged for registered students to be transported to and from the 20 week program.

Rogers is a 5th year orchestra teacher for district 189 and has dedicated herself to creating opportunities for youth in the city of East St Louis to experience music. An advocate for music education, Rogers looks forward to being able to expose more students to Strings education while creating environment the will build not only musicians, but leaders within their community. Through data collected and upcoming performances for the community, she aims to show the transformational qualities of music and the impact that it can have on a child, a school, a district, a community and ultimately the world. Rogers, an award winning educator, musician and philanthropist will serve as program director for this year. Read more about her here.


Wyvetter Younge School of Excellence:
Through this partnership, students enrolled at Wyvetter Younge School of Excellence will have access to weekly violin and viola lessons. This program is available for students grade K-7th who are interested in learning to play the instrument. They will also receive theory instruction as a part of their training.

District 189 Area Orchestra:
The second part of this partnership is the piloting of a district wide orchestra program. The program will provide a training platform accessible to more students. The opportunity to enroll in this initiative will be extended to youth grades 4th thru 9th over a 6- month period. These students will participate in workshops, trainings and masterclasses alongside members of The Inner Ear Youth Orchestra.

A Parent Informational for this program will be held January 10th; 5 pm at Lincoln Middle School in the Orchestra Room.

Register beforehand here:
A Parent informational for Wyvetter Younge parents will be held January 12th; 5pm at WYSOE.

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